The Daily Question: My 5-Year Spiritual Journal by WaterBrook, A Book Review

365 Questions – 5 Years – 1,825 Answers

The Daily Question Book Cover The Daily Question is a unique journal made to see how “everything” in life develops over five years.  So, you’ll see your entries for the same question on January 1, let’s say on 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.  I think its a pretty cool idea.

Pros of this book: It’s a nifty little book, perfect size for the night stand, with just enough room for a one sentence entry, which, if you’re like me, is all you’re likely to get in each night. However, if you want to do a five-year journal, that’s the kind of journaling I recommend to keep it easy to adhere to, and if you skip a day a two, easy to catch up on.

Cons of this book: It’s a little book, which leaves very little space for an in-depth entry, if that’s what you are into. It’s a small book, which over five years, may be apt to getting lost. And, it’s a five-year commitment to writing something down every single day.

I found the questions in the journal to range from spiritual to thought provoking and I could imagine myself answering each at the end of a day. As I mentioned though, the space for your entries are quite small, and you would have to write small and concise, which is not always desired when journaling.

Here’s a few of entries you’ll see in this journal:

  • How do you relax after a stressful day?
  • What frustrates you about the Bible?
  • What can’t you forget?
  • Who is on heart in this moment?
  • Who should you talk to today?

I like the art on the cover of journal, and overall, I would give four hearts out of five for this journaling book.

Disclosure:  Please note, I received a complementary copy of The Daily Question: My 5 Year Spiritual Journal from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion expressed within this review on All The Pieces of My Heart.

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