spidey baby 3Oh, so many things I could write about, but a quick, um, funny, one first, I suppose.

So us mommas, and really, anyone who has taken care of littles knows that children will put literally anything in their mouths — right? Seriously, anything.

This subject can go along with the canon of things you never thought you would hear yourself saying…. “Take _________ (fill in the blank with the most inappropriate object within arms reach) out of your mouth right this second!!!” 

Let me list my faves:

  • Barbie’s head
  • Barbie’s butt
  • a whole baby (it was a little baby)
  • Pooh (it was a puzzle piece, for clarification purposes)
  • Belle (or any princess, it is a house full of girls); and topping the list,

So, that bring me to the crux of this post. Yes, my littlest tried and successfully ATE a spider egg sac.  And yes, I get the heebee geebees just thinking about it.

spidey baby 2

Let me take you back to the moment — it was a school day, and I had just gotten back home from dropping Viv and Emma off at school.  After walking in the house, I put Shawn on the floor of the living room (where there is an abundance of toys to play with) and walked into the adjacent kitchen to warm a bottle.  I turned to check on him after a few moments, and saw him next to sliding glass doors with a small, white round object in his mouth.  I knew what it was, as we had just cleaned a bunch of old spider egg sacs from the threshold of said sliding glass door. So, it was a pretty good educated guess, that when I saw a spiky, opaque, white ball in his mouth, it was another old brown widow spider egg sac…

DROP. BOTTLE. RUN. TO. BABY. who. by, then. had. ewwwwwww….. and he had swallowed that thing.  So. Gross.

spidey baby

And who is you call when this happens? Well, I called my husband, the pediatrician, poison control….. The only one who had legit answers was poison control – watch the kid for any adverse reactions (baby spiders don’t have venom, and if my hunch was right it was an old dead sac anyway). So I asked about my adverse reaction – as in I felt like I was going to vomit. So gross. Ugh.

So what was to be done? Nothing, really, well, except watch the baby, and decide he was going to be Spidey-baby for Halloween and have a Spider Man themed first birthday party….

Yup, that’s MY Spidey Baby… Awwww….

Until next time…



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