…Here comes Friday for the win on a long, drawn out week. But wait, not so fast, said the weather.  From listening to the weather that morning, I knew that there was a line of storms coming in the afternoon.  I thought all the witches left Halloween night, so why a tornado….?!?

Jenny was off from school on Friday, so after taking Emma and Vivian to school, and running to Target, I headed home with my little coughing man to spend some time with my best teenager.  We hung out as the Baby Shawn napped and then headed out for a quick lunch at the best place – Panera Bread, of course.  I had some gorgeous lunch dates!

After lunch, we noticed the skies were getting darker and while picking Emma up from school, it started to rain.  Once we got home, it started to rain a little more, then I got a message from my step mom asking if we were OK.  So I turned on the news to find that there was a Torcartoon-1296854_1280.pngnado Warning in the area, so I told Jenny if I called for her to get in the bathroom, quick!  I covered all the windows but the kitchen window so I could see a little of what was going on outside.

It got pretty rough looking out and then there was a a strange calm.  This was just after the meteorologist explaining this certain occurrence he saw on the radar where a strong line a thunderstorms will come through then a calm, and it start a spin in the atmosphere, and poof, a tornado begins.

Shawn got stuck in some horrendous traffic trying to pick up Vivian from school.  The wonderful staff at Vivian’s school took care of our girl until he got there.  The roads were horrible with downed lines and accidents.  But Shawn and Vivi made it home, nearly two and half hours late, but safe, thank the good Lord above.






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