Yesterday was Miss Emma’s Eighth birthday!!!


Happy Birthday to my sweet and sassy, beautiful and bold, energetic Emma!

It’s very hard for me to believe she is eight, already!!!

We decided to keep all the kids birthdays this year low key, and to do the parties next year. We’ll probably do it that way (every other year) unless there’s a milestone year for one of the kids that is a “must-have-a-party” kind of a year.  And since Daddy had drill this weekend anyway, family-only and low-key seemed the way to go.

Emma picked the Chinese Buffet for dinner, so as soon as Daddy got home from drill, we were off to for dinner. Our big eight year-old got bumped to the higher-priced kid bracket (3-7 is one price, 8-11 is another) and picked cola as her drink (of course, because otherwise it would have been water!) and choose pizza, bananas, cantaloupe, sweet and sour chicken, and cookies for her dinner.  After and awesome dinner at the Chinese Buffet, we went home to have cake and open presents.

My princess Emma had a blast blowing out her sparkler candles on her pink and purple princess cake.  But I think mostly she enjoyed opening, and playing with her new toys – barbies, barbie styling etching plate set; art easel; frozen stationary; baby unicorn fingerling; some awesome new clothing, etc.

Happy Birthday My Sweet Princess Emma!



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