So, it’s been like months and months, literally since I posted to my blog.  You know, life happens.  And it especially happens when you have a one year old, a six year old, a seven year old and a fourteen year old. And its summertime, your routine is off, and you get the idea.  Actually, summer wasn’t all that bad… Emma and Jennifer were in the Boys and Girls Club Summer Camp (full days, all summer), which was nice because the Club provided tons of activities and field trips for the kids to keep them active over the summer.  The positive thing was it got the girls out of the house everyday, the negative thing was that Emma picked up lots of really bad behaviors there from the other children.  She did last year too, so it was no surprise.  But the socialization she receives is outweighs the bad behavior.


In June, Vivian started her ABA therapy for twelve hours a week (I wish it could have been more, and in actuality she was approved by our insurance for up to twenty hours a week, but no one told us that and the therapist only scheduled her for twelve hours a week). Oh, well. At first, we did not see any changes at home, but her therapist was very impressed with how quickly she was catching on concepts and moving up in her therapy steps.  Most of what they worked on at first was PECS-related, and Vivian has been familiarized with PECS many times so that is why I think she zoomed through those steps.  So far, she is still doing well, which is great.


As for Baby Shawn (err..Toddler Shawn?), he started a Learn, Grow and Thrive class at the local YMCA twice a week for about a month to start (to see how he did) where little one from 18 months to 5 years old sit in a small class for an hour and go over colors, letters, numbers, animals, and such.  They said he did really, really well for being one of the youngest in the class.  During his first class he sat in his seat the whole time, colored, didn’t cry… and was such a big boy!


So that’s my super quick summary of the summer.  I’m working on getting my blog into better shape — looking better, working better, you know, a complete overhaul.  So please, be a little patient.  But the posts will keep coming, on the regular, promise!

Until nest time, remember,



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