lofty goalsSo, I had all these fond, super lofty goals (as one often does when beginning something super fun, like, say, a blog) with post at least once maybe even twice a week if I was lucky.  I mean, I wasn’t going to get all over zealous and say they had to be long blog posts with academic-type references at the end or anything… So I made a mental list of awesome things to write about because we have plenty of material to write about, and then boom, I caught the cold from hell.  Said cold put me in a what seemed like a time warp.

On a perfect day, making time to write (and if possible, checking my writing for silly errors before posting) is often quite difficult with what often seems like a gaggle of children. And then I caught that darned cold thing.  Thankfully, I was very careful and no one else got sick.

So there you go.  Seems I turned the corner on said cold, except for the lingering cough, and have pretty much caught back up with life.

So, back to life, back to reality….


And, until next time…



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